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Is Homeschooling 6 Kids possible? Hear the Answer from this Couple

Homeschooling one child can be difficult and what more with 6 children? Jessie and Katherine Tan shares their story on what made them embrace the decision to homeschool their 6 kids despite the challenges they encountered.

Why is the "Life-long learners" goal effective?

How can parents help their children love learning to widen their knowledge? Jayson Lo and his wife Kathryn talks about the importance of having goals as you help your children love learning. In this video, they share the “Life-long learning” goal.

Influence your Children to Have the Right Goals to Success

With so many distractions around us, children can get easily swayed to pursue goals that can hinder them from maximizing their full potential. Robby and Monica shares their way of influencing their children to have the right goals.

Tips for Raising Godly Children

Pastor Manny Manansala was hesitant to homeschool at first, but after being encouraged by his wife Lisa they took on the journey to homeschooling. After years of homeschooling, they learned practical ways on how to raise their children into God-fearing people.

Working Full Time and Homeschooling

Is homeschooling really possible for parents who are working full time? Hear the realization of Jelo and Janelle after homeschooling for four years.

Do I Know My Child?

Through homeschooling, parents can get to know their children better, making it easier to intentionally identify specific areas that they would like to develop further in their child.

The Truths About Homeschooling

Chinkee and Nove Tan talks about the truths they saw in homeschooling and how this affected their family.

Benefits of Homeschooling

What does the homeschool lifestyle look like? Chester and Juvilyn shares the benefits and challenges they experienced in homeschooling. Have a glimpse of their homeschool lifestyle to see if it can be for your family too.

Stress Free Homeschooling

With all the hands-on teaching and responsibilities inside and outside our homes, how can we avoid stress in homeschooling? Learn from Arturo and Jacqueline who decided to homeschool even before the birth of their children.

The Impact of 23 Years of Homeschooling

Get to hear the story of how Bob and Irma were able to homeschool their 6 children from their younger years to adolescence, and how homeschooling led each one of them to their careers.

Testing the Waters of Homeschooling

Professional Filipino basketball head coach Siot and his wife Rica share their story about testing the waters of homeschooling. What was the result of their curiosity? Hear their story to find out.

Identify your Child’s Learning Style

Having a busy schedule does not stop Dra. Nyree from juggling her role as a parent-teacher to her children and a doctor to her patients. In this video, Dra. Nyree talks about how being able to identify her children’s learning style made their homeschooling manageable and fun.