Homeschooling provides a lot of leeway to get creative so don't settle for less than the best tailor-fit educational experience for your children—learn from these hands-on educators, parents, and learning advocates how to make sure you're engaging your kids the best possible way, be it through one-of-a-kind tools and adventures or the support of a community, encompassing concerns such as special needs and the ever ubiquitous topic that is love. Dr. Debra Bell, Vicki Dincher, and Gina Roldan talk about new methods in making your homeschooling journey more innovative and fun; Girlie Argosino, Grace Suni, Ayenn Casuga, and Karen Pinpin discuss the value of community; True Love Waits Philippines gives the real deal on true love; Jessie Tan shares insights on how to expand the borders of your children through activities beyond the usual classroom setting; and Dr. Edilberto I. Dizon, EdD and Ani Torres, M.Ed teach you how to homeschool your child with special needs in an effective way.