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Featured Family

Featured Family” is a segment filled with real-life stories of families with different backgrounds. Get to hear how these families were transformed and how their relationship were strengthened through homeschooling.


How can you be intentional in your parenting? What are the foundations you need to establish with your child? Homeschooling dad Edric, who is intentional in advancing the homeschool movement around the world, and his wife Joy, who is a bestseller author and sensational blogger of Teach With Joy, shares the essential values every child needs to learn in their segment “Values”.

Homeschool Adventures

We believe that great adventures with a rich learning experience are just around the corner! Also, learning is better when we do it together with others. Join Mika as she discovers different events and activities for you and your whole family to enjoy while learning better together.

Great! Answers

Discover the latest trends in education and how you can apply it in your homeschooling with Teacher Great!

Out of the Box

Join our homeschooler Cheska as she takes new and fun learning materials and toys out of the box! Surely, your children will enjoy these learning must have’s!