In parenting and homeschooling values are key. Learn from homeschooling parents of 6, Edric and Joy Mendoza, as they share practical ways on how we can teach values to our children. Train up your child to success by teaching them the essential values they need to learn to finish well the race set before us called “life”.


Essential Parenting Tips on Teaching Obedience to your Kids

Teaching obedience to our children can be difficult but it is worth it for it bears much good fruit. Helping our children understand and appreciate the importance of obedience can also deepen and strengthen our relationship with them.

Stewardship | How it leads our children to success

Every parent’s desire for their kids is to see them successful in life, and we can start leading them to success by motivating them to have stewardship.

How to go out of your Comfort Zone | Raising Up Courageous Children

How do you train your child to be brave and courageous? Edric and Joy shares how they help and encourage their children to be courageous.

Parenting Tips on How to Avoid Raising Spoiled Kids

Learn a very practical advice on how we can learn to be contented with what we have and find out on how you can train your kids to be contented as well.

The Gratitude Attitude

Learn parenting tips on communicating to your children on how to be grateful in this episode.

Why Should We Forgive?

It can be difficult to teach forgiveness to our children. In this episode, Edric and Joy shares how you can inspire your kids to choose to forgive.

The Pursuit of Purity in the Family

How to Make Wise Decisions | Things We Must Teach our Children

Edric and Joy share to us why and how they instill wisdom to their children. To learn more about WISDOM, click here:

How to Strive for Excellence | Motivating your kids to do their best

How do we know if our children achieve excellence in what they do? And if they don’t, how do we motivate them? Find out more in this episode.

The Importance of Honor

Naturally, children are not respectful. That is why it is the responsibility and duty of parents to teach them and also to role model to them.

When Life Gets Tough | How Do We Respond?

Choose to Love